Gettin’ High


It’s been over a year and a half since we relocated; I’ve conquered San Diego by sea and by land…. so why not also by air? Sometime during our first months we had ventured to the spectacular Glider Port by Torrey Pines. I proclaimed to my (incredulous) husband that I’d love to go paragliding. He promptly laughed it off.

Months later, on Mother’s Day, my charming husband told me to put my butt where my mouth is (in a matter of speaking, of course) as he handed me a gift certificate for a paraglide tour. There was one parameter: he and the kiddos wanted to watch. The reason? He was sure I would soil myself, and he did not want to miss that.

Weeks passed. Months passed. Not because I was nervous, but because it was logistically challenging: it was hard to find an afternoon that we had good air and no obligations, and we had to be free at a moment’s notice. I don’t do a lot of things with just a moment’s notice.

A day in March proved to be it. The adventure was spectacular.

Flying, floating, soaring.

Alas, no soiling.

The gorgeous ocean view on the right was trumped only by the incredible estates on the left (yes, the same La Jolla neighborhood where, ironically, the POTUS is lunching as I type). From seals and surfers, to golfers and nudists… there was activity all around that I could see from a completely unique perspective.

This adventure was something I will always remember, with the most profound moment occurring on ground prior to flight.

My 9-year-old, witty, snarky and dryly blunt, hugged me and sent me off with these poignant words:

Mommy, if you die, know you were loved.

Ummm….should I be profoundly touched or deeply offended?

I’ll opt for the former.

As another Mother’s Day is upon us, I wish you all give or receive accordingly the love, gratitude and appreciation that you feel…however it may be demonstrated.





Go West Young Family

After 35 years of being on the east coast, I have ventured thousands of miles away to set up home in sunny California. It is not without sadness that I leave behind friends, family, ventures and pursuits. But as challenging as it is to say farewell to my former existence, it’s equally exciting to embrace this current adventure.

I have spent the last week receiving and unpacking the 120+ boxes and finding a place for every single one of our possessions.  When the kids arrive on Saturday, I will have to show everybody (including my dear husband) where everything is…and how it should all be put back relatively neatly.

Already I have enjoyed just one of many terrific swimming options (heated comfortably year round!) and beautiful running trails (see Coyote Poop and Bunny Rabbits). I’ve found myself admiring the hot air balloons that soar over our house each night. I am in awe of the seaside town where I can run errands, walk on the beach, catch the train up the coast or even visit the dentist (funny how the environment can make an unpleasant experience become enjoyable).

This afternoon after I tackle some organizational and cleaning tasks, I am off to a local farmer’s market via a reconnaissance of the UCSD pool.

I welcome advice or suggestions as I explore the area! I can add them to my bucket list.