Bucket List

Become proficient at grilling

Stay more current in current affairs

Always have fresh flowers

Open water swim…in the ocean

Make peace with the freeways

Volunteer my time

Accept the dog fur in my house (…or I can buy a Roomba)

Visit friends in Northern Cali

Run (not crawl) up the canyon steps

Grow a lemon tree

Set up on-line billing

Read an entire book while overlooking the ocean in Del Mar

Donate blood

Chip the rust off my tennis game

Take the train to LA– solo


4 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I love it Rebec! I’m constantly amazed at your energy and your ability to create and organize. We miss you on the East coast but cannot wait to find an opportunity to visit you in SoCal

  2. Fantastic! So thrilled that you guys are here and can’t wait to see you soon I hope. I suggest adding Visit Carlin and Henry in SF and Learn to Surf to the list. xo, Carlin

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