Go West Young Family

After 35 years of being on the east coast, I have ventured thousands of miles away to set up home in sunny California. It is not without sadness that I leave behind friends, family, ventures and pursuits. But as challenging as it is to say farewell to my former existence, it’s equally exciting to embrace this current adventure.

I have spent the last week receiving and unpacking the 120+ boxes and finding a place for every single one of our possessions.  When the kids arrive on Saturday, I will have to show everybody (including my dear husband) where everything is…and how it should all be put back relatively neatly.

Already I have enjoyed just one of many terrific swimming options (heated comfortably year round!) and beautiful running trails (see Coyote Poop and Bunny Rabbits). I’ve found myself admiring the hot air balloons that soar over our house each night. I am in awe of the seaside town where I can run errands, walk on the beach, catch the train up the coast or even visit the dentist (funny how the environment can make an unpleasant experience become enjoyable).

This afternoon after I tackle some organizational and cleaning tasks, I am off to a local farmer’s market via a reconnaissance of the UCSD pool.

I welcome advice or suggestions as I explore the area! I can add them to my bucket list.


1 thought on “Go West Young Family

  1. I am utterly jealous. But will so miss you guys in Princeton. Hope the kids arrived safely and sat patiently through the “this is where everything is” tutorial!

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